Car Insurance 2022 Top Offers In India



One of the primary concerns of many car owners is the aftermath of car damage and how to cover up the property and financial losses associated with it. Taking car insurance is thus mandatory in India for anyone who has bought a car. Moreover, almost every car manufacturer in the country has tie-ups with car insurers, and they offer immediate quotes to the customer purchasing a vehicle. 

It is a dream for many people to buy a car for their comfort, and isn’t it obvious that people should be ready for losses in times of unfortunate events? Well, that is what car insurance is for. So, let us dive deep into the importance and features of car insurance policies and how they are helpful to car owners. 

Purpose: Car insurance is considered an agreement between the owner and an insurer. The car owner needs to pay premiums regularly, and the insurer will cover up for any damage inflicted on the car. Commercial and personal cars in India are made to apply for car insurance. 

There are two main types of car insurance offered. One is the comprehensive insurance cover that protects you against the damage done to your car, the death of the driver or passenger, or damages inflicted by your vehicle on another person’s vehicle. The second type of insurance is the third-party liability insurance cover in which only the damage done by your car on other vehicles is covered. 

The following are a few more things that a car insurance policy covers. 

Substantial injury: It offers coverage for any real injury that occurred from a mishap where the insured vehicle was involved. 

Damage inflicted on vehicle: It offers coverage to the harm caused to the insured vehicle either because of a mishap, burglary, or ordinary catastrophes and accidents. 

Outsider property harm: It settles up the harm and damages done to your insured car by an outsider vehicle. 

Loss of life: It likewise offers coverage for the demise of the drivers or travellers present in the insured vehicle at the hour of the accident. 


Various benefits can be availed by selecting the right car insurance plan. So, let us look at the most significant benefits among them. 

Financial liability: Car insurance can help you avoid huge repair costs due to accidents and support your financial stability. 

Assurance of repair: The insurance plan includes checking the car for possible repairs and replacement of the spare parts. It will be helpful in circumstances like the rainy and winter seasons. 

Driver and passenger liability: The car insurer authority bears the damage expenses in case of unforeseen accidents, and the insurance can also cover all medical costs. Therefore, it will lower the stress of driving on busy roads. 

Garage network: All insurance companies have a backup of many network garages where they provide all repairing services. However, the repair cost is borne by your insurance plan. 

Third-party liabilities: Your car insurance policy can cover third-party damage costs if the insured car is involved in the outsider’s vehicle or property damage. 

Key points to remember while opting for car insurance: Before choosing a car insurance plan, it is necessary to consider specific parameters. So, the following are some crucial factors that you should keep in mind. 

No claim bonus: The NCB is a feature through which customers can avail of a certain discount percentage from the premium if no claim has been made in the past year of the policy. It can range from 20-50% of the premium due. For example, Tata AIG offers up to 50% as a no-claim bonus. 

Hassle-free process: When choosing a car insurance policy, it is recommended to select an insurer that offers an easy and quick procedure convenient for all customers. Also, purchasing the policy online is a favourable option. 

Customer care reputation: One of the most critical aspects of an insurance company is that the customer care employees must be highly trained personnel who provide clear and effective communication and support to solve customer queries and requests. Bajaj Allianz and Royal Sundaram Car insurance companies are known for their superior customer service. 

Own damage: Third-party coverage is a mandatory inclusion in car insurance policies in India, but own damage is also a vital factor to consider. Many companies provide self-damage insurance to help cover the damages caused to your car by accidents, transport, natural calamities, riots, and theft. For instance, HDFC Ergo offers the best own damage settlement with an overnight car repair service. 


 Spending on the damages caused by unforeseen car incidents is a well-known problem in India, and car insurance is the best solution. But it is essential to choose a car insurance company that offers a good claim settlement ratio and enhanced customer support.