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What is Personal Loan ?

Personal loans can be generally defined as loans that don't require any collateral or security submission. They are offered based on minimal documentation, and hence it may be considered the most basic and quickest form of loan sanction. 

The purpose of personal loans is to enable the borrower to meet the needs of the hour. A personal loan is often a borrowing of a small amount of money that an individual may use for simple yet essential purposes. The most common reasons people take personal loans are as follows.

  • To consolidate debts that help pay off all other multiple debts and loans. 
  • Home renovation and remodeling purpose 
  • Emergency expenses like medical treatment, funeral charges, etc. 
  • Purchasing of vehicles for transportation 
  • Purchasing of furniture and home appliances for a more extensive household 
  • To take care of wedding expenses and other events 
  • Pursuing higher education for career progress 
  • Planning for a memorable and significant vacation 

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